About the SFB 1454

The SFB 1454 is a
Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 
consisting of 21 research groups from four academic institutes that is funded by the
German Research Council (DFG).


The long-term goal of this CRC 1454 is to understand what triggers metaflammation and how the associated cellular programming affects organismal physiology and pathology, with a particular focus on sterile inflammatory processes in lifestyle associated non-communicable diseases (NCD).

Scientific Background

Central questions of the SFB 1454

1. How are cells reprogrammed by defined stimulatory events that are associated with triggers of metaflammation?
2. How does metabolomic, genomic and epigenetic programming influence the strength, duration and quality of immune responses?
3. Which mechanisms are operative during metaflammation, and how do they modulate cell-cell interactions and organ-level regulation?
4. Can we detect, monitor and modulate molecular mechanisms of metaflammation in humans?
5. How can we best communicate and translate causal relationships observed between modern lifestyle and metaflammation to protect future generations?