Vast amount of experimental data for e. g. cells, mouse models and patients will become available in this Collaborative Research Center (CRC) and are collected to assemble a comprehensive picture of metaflammation, culminating in a semantic knowledge, graph-based database, MetaflammDB, made available to the scientists in the CRC. The central project Z01 coordinates central data management and contributes to statistical and bioinformatic data analysis, model-based data integration and mechanistic modelling of cellular pathways, and supports standard data analysis tasks, such as preprocessing, quality control, statistical analysis, and performs advanced data analysis tasks, such as functional and network analysis, deconvolution and data integration. To this end a comprehensive data management infrastructure has been established, supporting reuse, exchange, integration and release of data and metadata following the FAIR principles. To enable the project partners and educate the CRC scientists, training programs will provide an overview of state-of-the-art bioinformatic tools as well as statistical and mechanistic modelling approaches and data and metadata management strategies.